About Us

cirrhosis of the liver,liver diseaseWelcome,
My name is Claire and I really want to create a site which presents the whole story of this awful disease, Cirrhosis of the Liver, in an easy to understand manner with the correct facts.

My family has been touched by Cirrhosis and it was a difficult time, made more so as the patient  was not proactive in caring for himself when he was surrounded by so much help.It was  hard to sit back and allow him to  make his choices in his journey.

It is important these facts are easy to understand  and from there you can make good choices for your health and wellbeing on all levels.
It can be a shock to learn you have contracted this disease and it is reassuring to know you do have options.

In this day and age of immediate access to information and health assistance, people are able to be proactive and help themselves along with working in conjunction with their health practitioner for  a better outcome.

It is my goal to find as many different healing options, both in Western medicine and Eastern/alternative medicine and latest groundbreaking news and present them to you so you are informed. An informed proactive person has a much better chance of bringing about healing

Until later,