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Acupuncture and Cirrhosis of the liver

Cirrhosis of the liver is a condition in which the healthy liver tissue is replaced by nodules and scarring, hence changing its normal ability to function. This limits the blood flow through the liver and affects the livers ability to function at its optimum levels for our health. Bile production ability and flow is also affected. Untreated cirrhosis can aggravated quite quickly and lead to serious consequences. Cirrhosis of the liver is an irreversible condition and as the stages of cirrhosis progress, its symptoms also worsen.

Stages of Cirrhosis of the liver

Cirrhosis is considered the final stage of liver fibrosis where there is liver cell death and scar overgrowth. Not all liver diseases develop suddenly into fibrosis and even if they do, many like hepatitis C may take years to do so.

There are two stages of liver cirrhosis:
• Compensated: Few noticeable symptoms are present. Any liver function tests performed in this stage will show normal readings. Only a biopsy reveals the cirrhosis in this stage. Symptoms like fatigue, anorexia, thirst, nausea and dull abdominal pain may occur. Most of these symptoms are gastrointestinal in nature and the main symptom is an enlargement of the liver.

• Decompensated: This is the final stage of Cirrhosis when complications like ascites, gastric bleed, peritonitis, hepato-renal dysfunction or portal hypertension arise. A condition called hepatic encephalopathy may also result. This is a state of mental disorientation or even coma which results as harmful toxins like ammonia leak out of the blood vessels and reach the brain.

Liver health, Traditional Chinese MedicineTreating  with Traditional Chinese Medicine

using TCM to treat your cirrhosis, two treatment strategies are considered:
• Treating the underlying cause
• Halting further damage

Acupuncture can have many uses to treat cirrhosis and halt its progression. With the help of acupuncture, you can prevent the liver disease from progressing or reversing a decompensated stage back to a compensated state of the disease. Acupuncture can also help treating the causes that can aggravate cirrhosis. Acupuncture treatment or Chinese herbs can be used to treat alcoholism or hepatitis C along with western medicine which may lead to cirrhosis.

Liver cirrhosis according to acupuncture

According to the theory of acupuncture cirrhosis occurs because of:
• Stagnation of the liver yin: Cirrhosis of the liver occurs because of the stagnation of the liver yin. This causes retention of bile, blood and fluids in the liver. It also causes fat deposition in liver cells leading to fatty liver.

• Increase in liver Yang: Fatty liver causes an increase in liver Yang which increases heat production by the liver. This excess heat causes drying up of all liver fluids. Hence the cells of the liver collapse and spindle-like fibers surround the tissue of the organ. This is the state of liver fibrosis. This shrinking of the liver is called cirrhosis of the liver.

Treating with the help of acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient healing technique used in TCM which involves penetrating needles at certain points in the body to enable the free flow of energy or Qi.

Liver 3 is a point on the liver meridian called tai chong in Chinese. This is the source point of the liver. It has been shown that by needling this point the liver enzymes (ALT and AST) and liver function has shown considerable improvement. It helps directs the energy to the liver and improve cirrhotic functions.

The primary points which are used to treat cirrhosis are divided into two groups. These include:

• Group 1: Ren-9, UB-18 and St-36
• Group 2: UB-20, Liv-13 and Sp-6

The correct procedure for using acupuncture in cirrhosis treatment is using points in both these groups at least ten times each. Each group is used alternately with the other by following this method. The associated points are basically used according to the symptoms of the cirrhosis and the clinical manifestations that are present on examination. They are used ten times in each session as a course. Usually a break of 3 to 5 days is provided in between two consecutive courses.

There are also other acupuncture points which can be used for other symptoms which are associated with liver cirrhosis. These include:

• For symptoms such as abdominal distension and fullness, Ren-12 and St-21 can be used.
• For gastrointestinal symptoms like diarrhea, St-25 and UB-25 are used as acupuncture points.
• For bladder symptoms like production of lesser urine, points like Ren-3 can be used.
• For pain that is present in the region of the hypochondrium, the acupuncture point called GB-34 is used.
• For general symptoms of cirrhosis of the liver such as palpitation and dyspnoea, the two acupuncture points P-6 and Ren-17 are used.

Acupuncture is a useful approach to helping treat Cirrhosis of the Liver and has been used with good results to restore vital energy flow to help wellness and comfort  and alleviate many of the symptoms of Cirrhosis  which can be debilitating for patients.

Milk Thistle as a Natural Therapy for Cirrhosis

Cirrhosis of the liver can be characterized by liver scarring and gradual deterioration of the liver function which can stop this organ from functioning properly. This kind of irreversible liver damage can be helped by a variety of natural therapies that can prevent further liver damage and help restore some of the damaged  functioning ability. Milk Thistle  or Silymarin as it is commonly known, can prevent the toxic effects of certain drugs from acting on the liver, functions as an effective  liver tonic and and prevent further damage.

What is Milk thistle?

Milk thistle is also known as artichoke, holy thistle and Mary thistle. The scientific name for this plant is Silybum Marianum. This plant has been used by ancient physicians and herbalists to treat many liver and gall bladder diseases over 100’s years. Milk Thistle  is widely used today and is very effective for liver conditions such as  cirrhosis of the liver, alcoholic and viral hepatitis and liver poisoning. It can also be used to protect the liver against the effects of many medications that are toxic to the liver.

The standardized form of milk thistle extract is known as Silymarin which is a mixture of at least seven chemicals. The most active chemical in this mixture is known as silibinin. This substance is a composition of two substances, silibinin A and B and interestingly it is used intravenously as an antidote for poisoning from the death cap mushroom called Amanita Phalloides. Studies on animals  have shown that milk thistle extract can help alleviate liver damage from acetaminophen and alcohol. Acetaminophen is a fever reducer and pain reliever and when taken for a long period or a overdose is highly toxic to the liver and can cause death.

How does Milk thistle help with cirrhosis of the liver?

Silibilin present in milk thistle for liver health is thought to function by displacing the damaging toxins that bind to liver cells, leading to scarring and cirrhosis. Furthermore this substance  has properties which may help regenerate the  damaged liver cells. Milk Thistle can act as an antioxidant and protect the liver cells from oxidative stress caused by various toxins. It may be used to stabilize and strengthen  liver cell membranes which are vital in  protecting  the liver cells from damage. In fact in Europe, milk thistle is given to patients who are put on prescription drugs which have the potential to damage  liver cells.

Studies the role of Milk Thistle in Liver Cirrhosis

A double- blind study was conducted with 170 participants. This study was a placebo controlled study and covered alcoholic cirrhosis and non alcoholic cirrhosis. The group taking milk thistle showed a 4-year survival rate of 58% while those in the placebo group showed a 4 year survival rate of 38%. This difference further highlights the benefits of using milk thistle to prevent liver cirrhosis and damage.

How much Milk Thistle is considered beneficial?

milk thistle benefitsfor cirrhosisAn extract of milk thistle preparation is standardized to contain 70% silymarin. It is supposed to be taken  as a standard dose of 200 mg  two to three times daily. Although it has many beneficial effects,  its  a good idea to work with a  physician to formulate optimum  doses  and avoid side effects if combined with other medications, particularly if the cirrhosis is in an advanced stage.

A more effective form of milk thistle is when silymarin is combined with phosphatidylcholine in a preparation. The standard dosing for this preparation is 100 to 200 mg twice daily.

Precautions and interactions

Milk thistle is a very safe and effective herbal remedy to counteract the harmful effects of liver disease. It is believed to have very little toxicity. In most of the animal studies, no side effects have been observed even when this substance was administered over a prolonged duration of time. Some mild gastrointestinal side effects are reported by a few individuals who took this preparation. Very rarely, some even complained of severe abdominal discomfort.

Because milk thistle has been extensively used as food, it can safely be used by women who are breast feeding or pregnant. However the level of safely in young children, nursing mother, pregnant women and those individuals with severe kidney disease has not been clearly established .

Although no important drug interactions have been observed with this drug, silymarin can contain a chemical called beta-glucoronidase. This is an enzyme which interacts with oral contraceptive medication and reduces their effectiveness. Therefore those individuals who are suffering from cirrhosis of the liver and are trying to practice family planning, should practice other methods of contraception instead of oral drugs if they are using milk thistle, silymarin extract.

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Homeopathy for Cirrhosis looks at the help that Homeopathy can give those with Cirrhosis of the Liver

Homeopathic remedies for cirrhosis of the liver

Homeopathic remedies for Cirrhosis of the Liver

Cirrhosis of the liver is a chronic disease of the liver which requires long term management plan to maintain health and wellbeing.  It occurs when the liver tissue under goes scarring, causing a disruption in the performance of its usual metabolic and homeostatic functions. Cirrhosis can be caused by a variety of triggers such as alcohol, viral infections like hepatitis, autoimmune issues, drugs and related toxins, hereditary diseases or parasitic infections. Even heart failure can also lead to a condition called cardiac cirrhosis. Homeopathy is an effective and powerful aid in treating Cirrhosis of the Liver and its symptoms and bringing relief and healing for the patient.

Treatment of Cirrhosis of the Liver

The treatment strategy adopted for cirrhosis depends on the stage of cirrhosis of the liver. It aims to:

• Prevent further degeneration and loss of hepatocytes
• Preventing complications due to liver cirrhosis
• Treatment of the existing complication of Cirrhosis of the Liver
• Identifying cancer at an early stage
• Identifying the need for a liver transplant

Homeopathic remedies for Cirrhosis

Before prescribing a remedy, a homeopath takes down a detailed personal account which delves into the mother’s pregnancy, the early stages of life and what was going on in the child’s life,  the rest of that persons life, looking at emotional issues, illnesses, the workplace, life habits and much more. This very intensive and extensive account of your physical, emotional and psychological make up helps the homeopath decide which remedy is suitable for you as each remedy is unique to that individual.

Homeopathy is an all natural method of healing with very few side-effects and is non toxic. The individual is given either a small dose of tablets or liquid drops based on their specific symptoms in a highly diluted form to trigger the body’s innate healing abilities.

Homeopathic remedies can be used to treat the underlying causes of Cirrhosis of the Liver. This includes causes such as viral hepatitis and genetic diseases of Hemochromatosis and Wilson’s disease. They can even be used to treat the effects of alcohol on the liver and various other metabolic changes. These remedies can be used to reduce the physical addiction to alcohol as well.

In  the case of viral hepatitis contracted through hepatitis B and C, homeopathic remedies can  reduce  the viral count especially when introduced in the early stages of cirrhosis. These homeopathic remedies can also give considerable relief  to the signs and symptoms liver  cirrhosis with zero or few side effects.

 Homeopathic Remedies can Help Treat these Symptoms

1. Homeopathic remedies help balance and heal the symptoms that manifest with Cirrhosis. These may include:

• Myalgia (pain in muscles)
• Arthralgia (pain in joints)
• Fatigue
• Anorexia (loss of appetite)
• Changes in the sense of smell and taste
• Nausea and vomiting
• Diarrhea
• Fever (usually low-grade and commonly in hepatitis A and E)
• Pain in the upper right abdomen (usually mild and continuous)
• Jaundice
• Dark-colored urine
• Light-colored stools
• Liver/spleen enlargement
• Ascites

2. Control the disease process: Homeopathic remedies  work by stopping or slowing  the progress of the cirrhotic process. Homeopathic remedies  have shown a vital role in reviving liver cells and vastly  improving the life prognosis for the patient. They work by stimulating the patient’s immune response and  reducing the viral load of the disease, assisting in the recovery process.

3. Dealing with the complications: Homeopathic remedies, if started early can prevent the onset of complications of cirrhosis. These complications may include  liver failure, liver cancer or hepatic encephalopathy.

Homeopathy Remedies to Target Symptoms of Cirrhosis

Here is a list of homeopathic remedies which can be given to patients suffering from certain symptoms of cirrhosis:

1. Nux Vomica [Nux vom]: Alcoholics, quinine toxicity, purgative overdose suffering from symptoms of colicky pain.

2. Taraxacum [Tarax]: mapped tongue, altered taste sensation, pain and soreness in liver region, bilious diarrhea with flatulence.

3. Leptandra Virginica [Leptandra]: jaundice with black tarry stools, portal circulation problems and a remedy for acute liver disease, constipation and pain in liver region.

4. Chelidonium Majus [Cheli]: jaundice due to hepatic and gall bladder pathology, abdominal distension, enlarged liver, constipation, chronic alcoholics.

5. Arsenicum album[Ars alb]: fatigue, cirrhosis of the liver with sharp, burning and piercing pain in the liver region.

6. Magnesium Muriaticum [Mag mur]: constipation, acute liver disease, cirrhosis with tenderness and pain, abdominal bloating and a yellow tongue.

Homeopathy Medication for Hepatitis

Homeopathic remedies which may be used for the treatment of hepatitis can include:

• Aconitum
• Belladonna
• Chelidonium
• China
• Lycopodium
• Mercurius
• Phosphorus

Homeopathic Remedies for Alcoholism:

The following homeopathic remedies can be used for those who are suffering from alcoholism. They can help with the uncomfortable physical withdrawal symptoms and the side effects of alcoholism:
• Aconitum
• Belladonna
• Chelidonium
• China
• Lycopodium
• Mercurius
• Phosphorus

Homeopathy can be used to halt the progression of damage due to cirrhosis of the liver. It must be noted however that fibrosis is generally an irreversible process and any form of treatment cannot or very rarely can regenerate the scarred tissues due to cirrhosis of the liver.

Cirrhosis of the liver is a progressive disease. The early unstable state is the point in which the liver cells star to become damaged. Later on, fine liver tissue is replaced with hardened damaged, marked tissue which is called fibrosis. Cirrhosis of the liver is mainly due to hepatitis B or C, oily or fatty liver, viral infection, alcohol abuse, or inherited diseases. Advanced cirrhosis of the liver is extremely serious. It is important to take immediate action toward both healing and changing the habits that created the disease. Ayurvedic herbal remedies have been found  to positively change hepatic cells.

Cirrhosis Herbal Remedies

Ayurvedic herbal remedies can efficiently reduce swelling within the liver. Therefore, Ayurvedic medicines can be efficiently  used to address all the recognized reasons of to begin cirrhosis of the liver treatment.

Healing Treatment – Cirrhosis of the Liver

Ayurvedic medicines have been quite successful in the treatment of cirrhosis of the liver  as they  treat  the reason for the disease, create healing conditions and may help to  reverse harm to the liver, and prevent additional harm of the liver. Ayurvedic medicines like Shankh- Vati, Kutki, Arogya- Vardhini, Sharpunkha, Tamra-Bhasma, and Bhrungraj are often used to reduce inflammation, blockage, and swelling in the liver cells.

Some other Ayurvedic medicines like Gokshruadi-Guggulu, Saariva, Punarnavadi-Guggulu, Aparmarga, Sahinjan, and Deodar are used to decrease fluid retention and aid in blood circulation. Finally, other Ayurvedic medicines like Gokshur, Amalaki, and Yashtimadhuk are ingested to avoid fibrosis and partly overturn the harm to the liver.

Moreover, cirrhosis of the liver treatment depends on the extent and reason(s) for liver damage. Mayo Clinic specialists have utilized these therapies for an extended period of time in the treatment of cirrhosis of the liver. The following are some other positive steps toward healing cirrhosis of the liver:

Cirrhosis of the liver treatment – Healing Steps

        •   Lifestyle charges: Weight loss (if appropriate) and treatment for alcohol dependence might avoid additional liver harm.
        •   Medications: Self-prescribed recreational drugs may be the cause of liver cirrhosis. Common legal medications might reduce symptoms such as pain, itching, and/or fatigue Numerous vitamins may be utilized to overcome nutritional deficiency, and avoid osteoporosis.
        •   Infections: Victims of cirrhosis of the liver may need to avoid certain antibiotics for infections that are the result of reduced liver function.
        •   Hepatic encephalopathy: Medications may be approved to aid in reducing the build up of poisons in a cirrhosis of the liver patient’s blood due to the reduced liver function.
        •   Cancer screening: A diagnosis of cirrhosis of the liver may increase a victim’s danger of liver cancer. If people have cirrhosis of the liver, they should be  frequently checked  for cancer.
        • Liver failure: In advanced cases of cirrhosis, a liver transplant might be the only solution.

Many people have had successes with treating naturally; they  offer recommendations for additional natural cirrhosis of the liver treatments. Some of the natural cirrhosis of the liver treatments are given below:

Cirrhosis of the Liver – Natural Treatments

      • Keep the colon hygienic (clean and healthy). Toxins build up in the liver. They may excrete into the kidneys and colon. Avoids consuming constipating foods. The liver has to function twice as hard if people are constipated.
      • Be certain that your diet contains enough choline, lecithin, bulk, and fiber. If the cirrhosis is in an advanced stage, eat only fruits and vegetables and their juices for 2 weeks.
      • Eat foods that are rich in potassium, such as blackstrap molasses, bananas, dulse, raisins, wheat bran, brewers, kelp, and rice.
      • Victims of cirrhosis are advised to add the following to their diet: grains, raw goats milk, almonds, seeds, and products made from goat’s milk. If cirrhosis is detected at an early stage,and no further damage occurs, the liver may be able to continue to function, albeit in a limited capacity

By  becoming informed and by making good personal choices including medical assistance , people with Cirrhosis of the liver can increase their wellbeing and life expectancy enormously.


The Liver Disease and the breakthrough antioxidant Glutathione

It’s common knowledge that we live in a toxic and unhealthy environment. From the air we breathe, the water we drink and foods we eat and even the surfaces we come in contact with, these all contain chemicals and toxins. Our bodies work hard to keep in balance , the tricky task of filtering and removing of all these toxins begins with the liver. The liver is the largest, most important and one of the hardest working organs in the body and by supporting it with the super antioxidant,glutathione,

The liver acts as a huge filter, clearing and filtering the body of many dangerous toxins before they enter the bloodstream. Dangerous micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites are removed from the blood, preventing them from invading the critical parts of the body where the most long term damage may occur.

Many of the toxins within our systems are produced by the body. Toxins are easily stored in fatty tissue. They can be stored for many years and when the body is under stress and needs extra energy for energy conversion during activities like heavy exercise, fasting, or during times of physical or emotional stress, the toxins are released into the body as by-products from the fat reserves being called on.

Nutritional deficiencies, which are increasingly prevalent due to food additives, poor diets and mass produced crops and foods drenched with chemicals, will also increase toxin intakes that the body struggles to eliminate.
A healthy diet is  optimal as healthy clean foods support efficient and smooth liver function while at the same time reducing the amount of toxins your body produces. You could say that of the many roles the liver has,  the most important role is to detoxify our systems. Without healthy systems, our bodies struggle.

The key ingredient used by the liver in detoxing is glutathione (GSH). As we age our glutathione levels drop every year.

How Glutathione increases the Detoxification Process.

During detoxification, your liver cleanses the blood by removing large toxins and unwanted chemicals. The liver filters all nutrients ingested by the body and converts toxins into water soluble chemicals that are excreted in bile, stools or urine. This generally occurs in a two-phase process.

During phase I the liver either completely neutralizes toxins or modifies them into weaker, less harmful toxins. Toxins are broken down to smaller remnants, which are simply made neutral in phase ll.

During phase II, numerous powerful enzymes are produced which continue the cleansing detoxification process. The glutathione which is produced in phase I, is then released along with other antioxidants into the body during phase II.

Oxidative damage is caused by free radicals and the cells are protected from oxidative damage by antioxidants. From scientific studies, Glutathione has been shown to be the most crucial antioxidant produced for neutralizing free radicals and is a principle element in phase II detoxification.

When there is significant exposure to toxins for long periods of time, an imbalance will develop between phase l and phase ll, creating stress and disharmony on the liver in particular and all the other organs by the flow on effect. When this happens, key elements such as glutathione, magnesium and selenium etc are depleted. This is where liver damage and oxidative stress happens when phase II processes dependent on glutathione, fail. Key nutrients  and a master antioxidant such as glutathione are vital to nourish your body and eliminating the free radicals you ingest.

Our Featured Liver Support Supplement with Glutathione

Liver Clear Plus  is a supportive and effective liver supplement with a powerful combination of  natural ingredients to benefit and stimulate  your liver. Many of these ingredients have been very effectively used in traditional medicine to combat liver disease.

Milk Thistle – Traditionally milk thistle has been used for centuries to  boost liver function.  Milk thistle helps protect against liver damage from alcohol consumption and may even help to regenerate liver cells. The all important ingredient Silymarin, actually coats the cells of the liver, protecting them against chemical toxins and inflammation.

Glutathione– is essential in amino acid transport, the metabolism of carcinogens and toxins, the synthesis of DNA and DNA repair as well as prostaglandin and protein synthesis. Glutathione supports all phases of detoxification and is vital in promoting healthy bile flow. Glutathione ia the Master antioxidant when it come s to cell health and regeneration.

Dandelion–  is another powerful traditional weapon in the fight against Liver Disease. Dandelion root encourages increased bile production and flow, supports digestion function, boosts gall bladder function and stimulate the liver cleansing abilities as well as increasing waste elimination.

Curcumin—has scientifically been proven to be an effective liver defender. Curcurmin  stimulates bile  flow of bile which aids in metabolizing  fats. charbroiled meats contains a carcinogen called benzopyrne which is toxic  to healthy liver function.

Artichoke Leaf—Extracts of artichoke leaf stimulates the production and release of bile and helps to  eliminate toxic wastes and aids in balancing  blood cholesterol levels as well as  lowering blood lipids. Artichoke Leaf has  proven  to be particularly  effective against toxins such as alcohol and carbon tetrachloride and it supports regeneration of damaged liver cells.

Barberry—is  traditionally a powerhouse  blood purifier . Barberry clears congested lymphatic, circulatory, and urinary systems, which takes some of the “load” off the liver. Along with glutathione,  it’s  an antioxidant so powerful, that it may actually help protect against cancers by controlling cell mutation

Cysteine- may be beneficial in  detoxifying  heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium. Environmental  pollutants including carbon monoxide, chloroform and certain herbicides all  take a toll on liver health and Cysteine has been shown to assist

Amino Acids—the power to neutralize. The liver must instantly neutralize anything  ammonia producing in the body. The two largest ammonia producers are animal proteins and over-the-counter drugs such as  pain relievers, sedatives and diuretics. The amino acid blend of Cysteine, Methionine and Glutathione found in Liver Clear Plus™ all have the power to neutralize ammonia.

Methionine is a natural chelating agent.and may help the liver to detoxify  damaging heavy metals which may be absorbed through the skin. It helps neutralize ammonia and creates ammonia-free urine which considerably  reduces the occurrence of bladder irritation and infections.

For a  powerful proactive shield  you can offer your liver along with dietary changes is Liver Clear Plus which may enhance your liver function, promote liver health and support your bodies natural filtration system and waste elimination.

liver, detox, glutathione, antioxidantThis breakthrough supplement supports your Liver and Digestive system  by:
liver, glutathione, antioxidant, detox for liver, liver supportSupercharges and fortifies your Immune System
liver, glutathione, antioxidant, detox for liver, liver supportLowers LDL Cholesterol
liver, glutathione, antioxidant, detox for liver, liver supportIncreases your Energy Levels
liver, glutathione, antioxidant, detox for liver, liver supportRelieves everyday or chronic joint and muscle pain
liver, glutathione, antioxidant, detox for liver, liver supportSoothes skin conditions
liver, glutathione, antioxidant, detox for liver, liver supportFlushes damaging toxins out of your system
liver, glutathione, antioxidant, detox for liver, liver supportRelieves occasional discomforting digestive problems
liver, glutathione, antioxidant, detox for liver, liver supportAdds years to your life

Exercise, supplementation and a healthy diet is the best thing you can do for healthy liver function in the most proactive and efficient way possible. 




traditional chinese medicine,herbs,moxa

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Cirrhosis of the liver

Cirrhosis of the liver is the final outcome of a damaged unhealthy liver  a consequence of many factors. While the causative agents of liver cirrhosis are extremely diverse, including alcohol, viruses, drug effects, venous outflow obstruction or hereditary causes, the final outcome is unique: irreversible liver damage. While modern medicine struggles to reach an ultimate effective treatment or reversal  for cirrhosis, we may seek the help of traditional Chinese medicine for this purpose in helping to heal and or slow down the stages of Cirrhosis

Functions of the liver in TCM terms

When we are discussing the role of the liver in terms of traditional Chinese medicine, we will consider it as an organ with its physiological and pathological manifestations in relation to other systems. These include the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord), peripheral nervous system (nerves emerging from our spinal cord), and circulatory system. Here are the functions of the liver described in traditional Chinese medicine:

1. Ensures free flow of Qi or life energy:
Metabolism in the liver is regulated through four processes: Ascending, descending, entering and exiting. The liver dominates in dispersing the Qi by performing these functions:

• Regulates emotional activity: According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, emotions  are linked to unhindered flow of Qi. When this  flow is sluggish or stagnant, symptoms such as  depression, moodiness, excessive worrying, belching or sighing may occur. An increase in Qi conduction creates increased emotions like headaches, anger, flushing, agitation or insomnia.

• Aids digestion and absorption: Liver performs this function with the help of bile production as well as the ascending and descending function of free flow through spleen and the stomach.

• Promotes normal flow of Qi, blood and body fluids: These three elements are in a constant state of flow. This depends on the physiological function of the liver, spleen, heart, lung, spleen and kidneys.

2. Storage of blood
The liver controls the volume of blood circulating within the body and performs the function of blood storage. This is regulated according to body requirements. There is more blood circulating during high levels of activity levels and more blood is stored during rest. Insufficient blood can lead to symptoms like limb numbness or scanty menstruation. Extra blood can lead to symptoms like hematemesis (vomiting blood), hemoptysis (coughing up blood), epistaxis (blood from nose), and excessive menstruation.

3. Housing the Hun (ethereal soul)
For a healthy mind and body coordination, hun (soul) and shun (mind) must be in balance. They both take blood as their material basis. If less blood is stored, the hun can’t be housed leading to symptoms like hallucinations, fright, disturbed sleep, sleep talking and sleep walking.

4. Dominated tendons, manifests in the nails

This implies relaxation and contractions of the tendons and ligaments are linked to the liver. A liver under stress can cause sluggish limb movements, numbness, impaired joint flexibility, spasms, and tremors. According to Traditional Chines Medicine, nails are the outward manifestation of tendons. When the liver has ample blood and is functioning at peak capacity, the tendons will be supplied with ample blood  and the nails will get their nutrition. If liver is deficient in blood, the nails will be pale, brittle, soft, deformed (clubbing), and fragile.

5. Opens into the eyes
The liver meridians end in the eyes, so the eyesight and ocular system very much depends on liver health and circulating nutrients. Liver blood deficiency may cause blurred vision or night blindness. Similarly, inflammation of the liver leads to congestion, painful and itching eyes. Dampness in liver and gall bladder may cause yellow sclera.

TCM treatment for cirrhosis of liver.

“Ji Ju” (Aggregation) or “Gu Zhang” (Drum Distension) are the terms used for cirrhosis in TCM.

The purpose of Traditional Chinese Medicine is to prolong,strengthen and slow the compensated stage of cirrhosis to prevent progression into the decompensated stage or Late-Stage Liver Cirrhosis. Those in the decompensated stage may also benefit with various Chinese herbs to fight liver complications or help reverse the progression backwards to a compensated stage.

The main treatment principles are to:
• Regulate Qi
• Change blood stasis
• Promote water metabolism
• Warm spleen and kidney
• Nourish kidney and liver

Cirrhosis of the liver is divided into the following types according to the signs and symptoms produced and the Chinese Herbs used to treat each type:

chinese herbs, end stage cirrhosis of the liver1. Liver and spleen deficiency
Symptoms of loss of appetite, abdominal pain or bulging, belching, fatigue, agitation, nausea and vomiting are observed in this type. The Chinese herbs used to treat this type is Xiao Yao San.

2. Stagnant Qi, blood stasis
Symptoms of liver and spleen enlargement, spider angiomas on head, neck and chest, abdominal distension, stabbing pain and dark complexion are observed. This type can be treated with a combination of Jin Ling Zi San and Ge Xia Zhu Yu Tang.

3. Damp heat accumulation

Symptoms of fever, irritability, bitter taste, thirst, dark urine, jaundice, sticky stools, constipation and rapid pulse may be observed. A combination of Zhong ManFen Xiao Wan and Yin Chen Hao Tang can be used to treat this condition.

4. Spleen deficiency and kidney yang
The symptoms of  this type are milder in morning and worse at night. They include fullness and distension of abdomen, poor appetite, greenish yellow complexion, cold extremities, lower limb edema, fatigue, thin and weak pulse. Fu Zi Li Zhong Wan and Wu Ling San can be used if there is more spleen deficiency and Ji Sheng Shen Qi Wan with Wu Ling San used in problems with kidney yang.

5. Liver deficiency and kidney yin
Enlargement and distension of the abdomen, prominent superficial abdominal vasculature, dry mouth, dull complexion and thin weak pulse are the symptoms observed in this type of liver deficiency . Yi Guan Jian and Ge Xia Zhu Yu Tang are Chinese herbs used for treatment of this type of cirrhosis of the liver.

 liver,cirrhosis,blood flow,portal veinCirrhosis of the Liver Prognosis

Cirrhosis of the Liver,depending on which stage of the disease may present,  may even be healed,slowed considerably and the many side effects  lessened by using a range of treatments form Western to Eastern treatment options, from modern day drugs, careful diet consideration, traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese herbs, acupuncture and health supplements and many more.

Here, I have attempted to give you an idea of the possibilities Traditional Chinese Medicine can have on Cirrhosis of the Liver and that it has been used successfully to work with patients in conjunction along with these other treatment options.

Cirrhosis of the liver is a deadly disease that comes with a host of unpleasant symptoms. This disease is one of the deadliest in our modern world and treatment tough. Therefore, it is important to take steps to prevent cirrhosis. A healthy lifestyle, including diet and exercise regimen, can help you prevent developing cirrhosis of the liver.

Below are the top 7 exercising tips to help you start a healthy and safe exercising plan to help prevent cirrhosis.

Aerobic Exercise

According to a recent study published by The American Psychological Society, regular aerobic exercise can help increase healthy liver function. The study found that improvements in liver function are a result of increased production of the hormone adiponectin. This hormone curbs insulin resistance – a leading cause for fatty deposits developing in the liver. These fatty deposits lead to cirrhosis of the liver.

Doing an hour of exercise each day at 85% of your maximum heart rate can help reduce the risk of cirrhosis.


Walking is one of the easiest exercises you can do. Whether you walk on a treadmill or around your neighborhood, everyone has access to a walking path. Walking is an aerobic exercise and great for getting your blood pumping and heart rate elevated. Walking will activate your immune system and strengthen heart muscles. It is a low-impact exercise, which is great for people with joint issues or bad knees.

walking is great to treat cirrhosis of the liver

Make sure you buy good quality and comfortable walking shoes. Owning good walking shoes also allow you to walk longer since your feet, calves, and legs will have better support.

Strength Training

weight training is great to treat cirrhosis of the liver

Lifting weights will optimize any exercise routine, whether you walk, jog, or use the elliptical. Strength training builds lean muscle, which helps your body burn more fat over the course of a day. Reducing body fat and replacing it with lean muscle can help your liver function better and put less stress on organs.

Core Workouts – Yoga and Pilates

core training is great to treat cirrhosis of the liverYour liver is located in your abdomen. Having a higher percentage of fat around your stomach can increase stress on vital organs such as the liver and heart. Reducing fat around the abdomen helps prevent chronic diseases like cirrhosis. With 29 muscles making up your abs, performing exercises and strength training to your abdomen will go a long way in eliminating harmful stomach fat.

Choosing workouts like yoga and Pilates that target the abdominal muscles are fun, easy, and low-impact. You will gain muscle and strength quickly if you train a few times a week.


Dance therapy has recently gained popularity in the medical field. Most noteworthy is total body dance movement enhances all bodily functions, including the liver, and improves overall health. Dance is a wonderful and fun aerobic exercise that can be done anywhere. You can dance is the privacy of you own home or go to your local gym and take a specialized aerobic dance class.


exercising tips for cirrhosis of the liverThe elliptical machine is a great piece of workout equipment for low-impact exercise. Therefore, the elliptical can still make you sweat and get that heart pumping just as if you were running or doing another vigorous exercise. Doing interval training on the elliptical is a great way to mix up your workouts and burn more calories as your fitness level increases.

Doing short 30 second spurts of hard work, followed by a 1 to 2 minute recovery period of light work, torches fat/calories. This type of training is performed for a shorter period of time and gives your body the “afterburn effect.” That means you can burn tons of extra calories for the rest of the day.

Get a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is a great way for you to optimize your workouts. Furthermore, personal trainers can help customize an ideal workout plan for your fitness level, fitness goals, and overall health. Working in conjunction with you doctor and discussing your potential health risks can provide additional support for developing your best workout plan.

Final Thoughts

Remember, getting up and doing any kind of movement is better than doing nothing at all. If you can only begin your workout plan walking 30 minutes twice a week, you’re doing more than many people. Gradually build your stamina and fitness level. Work up to incorporating lifting weights, doing yoga, and interval training. We all have to start somewhere and where ever you decide to start is doing your body and liver good.