The Liver Disease and the breakthrough antioxidant Glutathione

It’s common knowledge that we live in a toxic and unhealthy environment. From the air we breathe, the water we drink and foods we eat and even the surfaces we come in contact with, these all contain chemicals and toxins. Our bodies work hard to keep in balance , the tricky task of filtering and removing of all these toxins begins with the liver. The liver is the largest, most important and one of the hardest working organs in the body and by supporting it with the super antioxidant,glutathione,

The liver acts as a huge filter, clearing and filtering the body of many dangerous toxins before they enter the bloodstream. Dangerous micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites are removed from the blood, preventing them from invading the critical parts of the body where the most long term damage may occur.

Many of the toxins within our systems are produced by the body. Toxins are easily stored in fatty tissue. They can be stored for many years and when the body is under stress and needs extra energy for energy conversion during activities like heavy exercise, fasting, or during times of physical or emotional stress, the toxins are released into the body as by-products from the fat reserves being called on.

Nutritional deficiencies, which are increasingly prevalent due to food additives, poor diets and mass produced crops and foods drenched with chemicals, will also increase toxin intakes that the body struggles to eliminate.
A healthy diet is  optimal as healthy clean foods support efficient and smooth liver function while at the same time reducing the amount of toxins your body produces. You could say that of the many roles the liver has,  the most important role is to detoxify our systems. Without healthy systems, our bodies struggle.

The key ingredient used by the liver in detoxing is glutathione (GSH). As we age our glutathione levels drop every year.

How Glutathione increases the Detoxification Process.

During detoxification, your liver cleanses the blood by removing large toxins and unwanted chemicals. The liver filters all nutrients ingested by the body and converts toxins into water soluble chemicals that are excreted in bile, stools or urine. This generally occurs in a two-phase process.

During phase I the liver either completely neutralizes toxins or modifies them into weaker, less harmful toxins. Toxins are broken down to smaller remnants, which are simply made neutral in phase ll.

During phase II, numerous powerful enzymes are produced which continue the cleansing detoxification process. The glutathione which is produced in phase I, is then released along with other antioxidants into the body during phase II.

Oxidative damage is caused by free radicals and the cells are protected from oxidative damage by antioxidants. From scientific studies, Glutathione has been shown to be the most crucial antioxidant produced for neutralizing free radicals and is a principle element in phase II detoxification.

When there is significant exposure to toxins for long periods of time, an imbalance will develop between phase l and phase ll, creating stress and disharmony on the liver in particular and all the other organs by the flow on effect. When this happens, key elements such as glutathione, magnesium and selenium etc are depleted. This is where liver damage and oxidative stress happens when phase II processes dependent on glutathione, fail. Key nutrients  and a master antioxidant such as glutathione are vital to nourish your body and eliminating the free radicals you ingest.

Our Featured Liver Support Supplement with Glutathione

Liver Clear Plus  is a supportive and effective liver supplement with a powerful combination of  natural ingredients to benefit and stimulate  your liver. Many of these ingredients have been very effectively used in traditional medicine to combat liver disease.

Milk Thistle – Traditionally milk thistle has been used for centuries to  boost liver function.  Milk thistle helps protect against liver damage from alcohol consumption and may even help to regenerate liver cells. The all important ingredient Silymarin, actually coats the cells of the liver, protecting them against chemical toxins and inflammation.

Glutathione– is essential in amino acid transport, the metabolism of carcinogens and toxins, the synthesis of DNA and DNA repair as well as prostaglandin and protein synthesis. Glutathione supports all phases of detoxification and is vital in promoting healthy bile flow. Glutathione ia the Master antioxidant when it come s to cell health and regeneration.

Dandelion–  is another powerful traditional weapon in the fight against Liver Disease. Dandelion root encourages increased bile production and flow, supports digestion function, boosts gall bladder function and stimulate the liver cleansing abilities as well as increasing waste elimination.

Curcumin—has scientifically been proven to be an effective liver defender. Curcurmin  stimulates bile  flow of bile which aids in metabolizing  fats. charbroiled meats contains a carcinogen called benzopyrne which is toxic  to healthy liver function.

Artichoke Leaf—Extracts of artichoke leaf stimulates the production and release of bile and helps to  eliminate toxic wastes and aids in balancing  blood cholesterol levels as well as  lowering blood lipids. Artichoke Leaf has  proven  to be particularly  effective against toxins such as alcohol and carbon tetrachloride and it supports regeneration of damaged liver cells.

Barberry—is  traditionally a powerhouse  blood purifier . Barberry clears congested lymphatic, circulatory, and urinary systems, which takes some of the “load” off the liver. Along with glutathione,  it’s  an antioxidant so powerful, that it may actually help protect against cancers by controlling cell mutation

Cysteine- may be beneficial in  detoxifying  heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium. Environmental  pollutants including carbon monoxide, chloroform and certain herbicides all  take a toll on liver health and Cysteine has been shown to assist

Amino Acids—the power to neutralize. The liver must instantly neutralize anything  ammonia producing in the body. The two largest ammonia producers are animal proteins and over-the-counter drugs such as  pain relievers, sedatives and diuretics. The amino acid blend of Cysteine, Methionine and Glutathione found in Liver Clear Plus™ all have the power to neutralize ammonia.

Methionine is a natural chelating agent.and may help the liver to detoxify  damaging heavy metals which may be absorbed through the skin. It helps neutralize ammonia and creates ammonia-free urine which considerably  reduces the occurrence of bladder irritation and infections.

For a  powerful proactive shield  you can offer your liver along with dietary changes is Liver Clear Plus which may enhance your liver function, promote liver health and support your bodies natural filtration system and waste elimination.

liver, detox, glutathione, antioxidantThis breakthrough supplement supports your Liver and Digestive system  by:
liver, glutathione, antioxidant, detox for liver, liver supportSupercharges and fortifies your Immune System
liver, glutathione, antioxidant, detox for liver, liver supportLowers LDL Cholesterol
liver, glutathione, antioxidant, detox for liver, liver supportIncreases your Energy Levels
liver, glutathione, antioxidant, detox for liver, liver supportRelieves everyday or chronic joint and muscle pain
liver, glutathione, antioxidant, detox for liver, liver supportSoothes skin conditions
liver, glutathione, antioxidant, detox for liver, liver supportFlushes damaging toxins out of your system
liver, glutathione, antioxidant, detox for liver, liver supportRelieves occasional discomforting digestive problems
liver, glutathione, antioxidant, detox for liver, liver supportAdds years to your life

Exercise, supplementation and a healthy diet is the best thing you can do for healthy liver function in the most proactive and efficient way possible. 


Hi there, I am Claire and this is my Cirrhosis of the Liver site. This is such a devastating disease and I have presented as much information as I can on all aspects of this dreadful disease in an easy to understand form. I feel strongly we need to have all the information available to us to make informed choices that are just right for us and suits our lives at this moment in time. I will include different healing ideas from both the Western and Eastern healing modalities in the hope there is a nugget of information that will help you on your path of understanding and life balance. Kind regards, Claire

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